History and Milestones

An ally for payors. A guide for providers. A navigator for patients.
No matter who we serve, there’s a common theme that defines ValueHealth. It’s not just because we understand each stakeholder individually—it’s because we understand how they work together. Which is why we’ve built a technology enabled digital health platform that transforms the surgical healthcare network into a high value network of Ambulatory Centers of Excellence (ACE)TM.


ValueHealth (f/k/a Nueterra Healthcare) is founded with the vision of becoming a provider, payor and patient portal for the purpose of better integrating healthcare and lowering the overall costs associated with surgery.  It establishes its headquarters in Kansas City.


The company invests in processes, systems and building a platform that will eventually achieve best-in-class status.  Through its wholly owned subsidiary, NueHealth, it also opens its first Ambulatory Surgery Center (ASC).


The company, through its subsidiary NueHealth, opens its first Surgical Hospital (SH) and continues to develop its intellectual property (IP) and platform while NueHealth continues to open additional ASC’s.


As HL7 Version 2 begins to take the lead as the new software standard the company begins to invest in technology to position itself to be the industry leader in lower the cost of surgical care for payors, employers and patients.


The company sets a new annual record for the number of ASC’s opened and the total number of surgical cases moved to a lower cost site-of-service.


The company opens its first Surgical Specialty Hospital (SSH) allowing its surgeons to perform more complex cases but still be a much lower cost site-of-service.


The company announces it has digitized systems and operating platform with which to manage lower cost surgical services in 36 states.


Following the enactment of the Affordable Care Act (ACA)/ObamaCare on March 23, 2010, ValueHealth begins to develop its investment thesis around Consumerism and Payment Reform.  The company continues to invest heavily in technology and IP.


The company responds to the needs of the provider community following the enactment of the ACA and announces it has partnerships with more than 25 Health Systems. The partnerships begin to quickly embrace the guiding tenents of consumerism and the transition to value based care.


The company announces its strategic direction at the annual meeting to become a digital health company that focuses on patient empowerment, and that it will respond to the growing demand that the patient become a true consumer of healthcare and transition from fee-for-service to value based surgical care. It adopts the new tag line “Payor Led, Data Driven and Technology Enabled.”



The company announces that it will begin to invest in technology to accelerate clinical integration so it can guide providers into value based surgical care.  It launches the country’s first Ambulatory Center of Excellence.


ValueHealth launches the country’s first hyper-specialty ASC to prove efficacy of total joint replacement in an ASC which results in the largest TJRP ambulatory data set in the world.  This effort is consolidated and branded under one company called Muve Health.


ValueHealth formally launches Muve Health specializing in hip and knee replacement in a hyper-specialized ASC setting attached to surgical stay suites.  The company, through its subsidiary Muve Health, performs the country’s first TJR done under a prospective bundled payment.



ValueHealth announces the acquisition of Benefits Management, LLC, an adjudication platform to do large scale value based claims administration including prospective bundled payments.


ValueHealth launches HealthCareRe, a risk management platform company, for the purpose of helping providers manage risk as they transition to value based surgical care.  HealthCareRe establishes a captive reinsurance subsidiary.



Muve Health opens a nationally recognized hip and knee replacement center in Austin, Texas specializing in total joint replacement (TJR) in a hyper-specialized setting under a bundled payment arrangement.


ValueHealth announces contracts with major payors to launch multiple Ambulatory Centers of Excellence (ACE) Networks focusing on steerage to lower cost sites of service agreeing to do TJR under a prospective bundled payment arrangement.  This results in the company declaring the company to be “an ally for payors, a guide for providers and a navigator for patients”.


The company acquires Blue Chip Surgery Partners which owns eleven ASC’s across the country.


The company announces the opening of regional offices in Philadelphia.


BridgedCare, a wholly owned subsidiary of ValueHealth, announces Surgery Savings, a technology assisted patient steerage program and adds the tag line “Better Care. More Savings.”



ValueHealth announces a strategic partnership with Medical Facilities Corporation. The strategic partnership acquires Meridian Surgical which owns 9 ASC’s across the country.


The company continues to expand its technology and network of ASC’s and SH’s in partnership with Rothman Orthopaedics, Mainline Health System and Thomas Jefferson Health System by adding multiple sites in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.


HealthCareRe, a wholly owned subsidiary or ValueHealth, announces the countries first reinsurance product for episodic surgical bundles with a warranty.


Muve Health, a subsidiary of ValueHealth, announces that it has performed the country’s first TJR under a prospective bundle with an avoidable complications warranty.


The company announces that four of its ASC’s in four different states are the first in the country to achieve AAAHC Advanced Orthopaedic Certification.


The company announces the launch of its Payor, Employer and Broker (PEB) Platform.


NueHealth announces Growth Capital Financing with BC Capital and ARES.



ValueHealth and Rothman Orthopaedics announce that together they are the largest Muscular/Skeletal (MSK) ambulatory surgical network in the country.


The company and Rothman Orthopaedics announce the formation of a Joint Venture for the purpose of combining NueHealth’s best-in-class ASC Operating Platform, Muve Health’s Hyper-Specialty Platform and Rothman’s nationally recognized Orthopaedic Group practice management platform along with each companies respective technologies to replicate the Philadelphia MSK network in other parts of the country.


The company announces that it has developed bundles for spine to be launched Q2 of 2020, for bariatrics to be launched Q3 of 2020 and cardiology to be launched Q4 of 2020.


Eight NueHealth facilities earn the ValueHealth Ambulatory Center of Excellence (ACE) Designation with several achieving the Advanced Total Joint Certification.


ValueHealth announces a joint venture between its wholly owned subsidiary BridgedCare and Quil which is owned by Independence Blue Cross and Comcast NBCUniversal. The joint venture will bring a personalize digital health platform directly to the patient beginning with total joint replacement surgery.


ValueHealth announces the signing of definitive agreements with Marsh/Mercer the largest employer benefits manager in the country to bring value based surgical ACE Networks and other employee benefits promising to significantly reduce employers medical loss ratios.

ValueHealth announces a Letter of Intent between its subsidiary BridgedCare and Inxite Health to expand both companies technology to be a provider to consumer interface beginning with personal health records. The company declares that as a result of its joint ventures with Quil and Inxite Health it will achieve significant direct to consumer steerage by the end of 2020 and will create the new front door to healthcare beginning with surgical care.