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Employees are your most precious asset. Meeting their needs while also controlling healthcare spend can be a struggle.

ValueHealth delivers employers radical savings on high-cost surgical procedures with unparalleled Net Promoter Scores.

Surgery accounts for 35% of total medical spend. In collaboration with its brand-recognized health system and surgical partners, we shift appropriate cases to our lower-cost sites of service which deliver surgical care with a guarantee of cost, quality and outcomes.


Average Net Promoter Score for ValueHealth Surgical Care

Our SurgerySavingsTM program:

  • Can be implemented with or without changing your benefit design plan
  • Can work with your benefits consultants

Your employees and covered lives will experience a drastic decrease in their medical surgical spend and an exceptional patient experience.

ValueHealth can develop a proprietary Ambulatory Centers of Excellence (ACE)TM high-performance network that allows you and your covered lives to steer high-cost cases previously only being done in a high-cost facility.



Savings Per Episode on High-Value Procedures

Control your surgical claim costs

Support your recruiting efforts by providing superior surgical benefits

Develop a long-term claims strategy with your broker or benefits consultant

A presentation describing what ValueHealth can do for the employer to drastically reduce medical spend.

Excerpted from an internal company presentation, Dan Tasset explains one example of payment reform.

Excerpted from an internal company presentation, Dan Tasset explains what consumerism means in healthcare.