ValueHealth is a guide for

Maintain Independence &
Achieve Market Share Growth

Our surgeons are making more money, delivering better care at a lower cost, and establishing brand and market share dominance in the communities they serve – all while retaining their independence.

You Have Questions. ValueHealth Has Answers
(to these and many more).

  • How can I remain independent while growing my practice?
  • How do I develop active and passive wealth creation?
  • How do I increase my return on invested capital?
  • How can I take more risk?
  • How can I contract directly with employers?
  • Should I partner with health systems? If so, which ones?
  • Should I have a different business model?
  • Is my practice big enough? Should I consolidate? Should I consider acquiring other practices?

ValueHealth provides strategic and actionable guidance.

With a focus on the patient as consumer, our proven model empowers physicians to grow their practice and their revenue without growing their dependence on a facility or health system.

Robust Patient Steerage

ValueHealth helps physicians maintain independence and achieve market dominance through patient steerage including:

+ Direct-to-employer contracting

+ Health system partnerships

Comprehensive Practice Resources

Through our joint venture with industry-leading orthopedic groups, we can deliver you best practice models, resources, tools, and support to help your practice make the best strategic, financial, and clinical decisions.

Wealth Creation

Our next-generation platform provides guidance on decisions about the best opportunities for active and passive income and wealth creation strategies.

National Accreditation

ValueHealth also offers you the opportunity to become affiliated with one of our nationally accredited Ambulatory Centers of Excellence (ACE)™, further elevating you in your field and increasing the demand for your services.

We are the partner of choice for hospitals, payors, employers, and their patients.

Find out how ValueHealth can help you maintain your independence while growing your practice and creating wealth.

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