Our Platform Affiliate Companies provide ValueHealth with the ability to deliver the key components of our Ambulatory Centers of Excellence (ACE)TM. Those key components are a value-based delivery system of surgical and diagnostic facilities, risk-readiness and sustainability programs, automated value-based claims administration and patient steerage/direct-to-consumer programs.

ValueHealth Transformation Center partners with leading payors and other sponsors to create consumer-focused markets. Our ACE NetworksTM deliver savings to patients, payors and sponsors by connecting them to local systems of ASCs, hyper-specialty centers and low-cost surgical hospitals.

Transparency—advocating for consumers, ValueHealth Transformation Center brings patients accurate information and real incentives to empower them to make informed choices. Patients choose high quality surgeons and facilities for care and enjoy significant personal out-of-pocket savings.

Accessibility—by shifting care to more appropriate settings, sponsoring payors and employers realize a reduction in the total cost of care. And through strategic partnerships and programs, ValueHealth Transformation Center helps Network providers transform to value-based care, full risk prospective bundles and warranties on a range of surgical and diagnostic procedures.

ACE NetworksTM are Ambulatory Centers of Excellence serving a local area with a full-range of surgical services.

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Because of the payor and consumer focus of our organization, ValueHealth Specialty Group partners with leading surgeons to develop and operate hyper specialty ambulatory surgery centers that concentrate primarily only a few procedures. This focus along with technology-enabled care pathways and sophisticated business intelligence analytics allows the surgeons and ASCs to bundle charges. Furthermore, the development of care continuation suites provides for longer observation and enables the bundled charges to include an avoidable complications warranty.

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Using our proprietary management systems NueHealth will dramatically improve efficiency, financial and clinical performance by taking advantage of our team’s years of experience operating and managing ASCs and surgical specialty hospitals.

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Muve Health is a technology-enabled healthcare delivery organization. We partner with the country’s leading surgeons to develop, own, and operate a network of hyper specialty healthcare facilities that focus on providing total joint replacement and spine procedures in a unique healthcare environment.

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Benefit Management is a progressive third party administrator (TPA) empowering payors, employers and providers with targeted coverage and tailored contracting services. We offer value-based administration (VBA) for new reimbursement models, including prospective bundles. We are responsible for covered lives in all 50 states and are well known for flexibility, innovative services and outstanding customer service.

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Healthcare Re supports providers in the transition to value-based care simply by giving them control. With an innovative approach to risk, we identify and manage the total cost of a provider’s risk, and then help them build a custom reinsurance solution to meet their unique needs including bundled payments of episodes of care. By giving control of healthcare-specific risk back to the provider, we pave the way for better coverage, lower premiums and quality outcomes.

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