ValueHealth is a guide for

Surgical Warranty Backed by the Nation’s First and Only Reinsurance Program.

ValueHealth is the leading ASC platform in the United States, pioneering ambulatory surgical care delivery since 1997. We’ve spent the last eight years:

Developing the largest and most successful high-performance musculoskeletal ASC network in the United States

Growing to a current volume of 40,000 cases per year and expanding to 70,000 cases per year

Perfecting a model specifically designed to help providers and facilities thrive in a risk environment

Our program can be implemented in almost any existing or new surgical facility.

Our partner facilities qualify for Ambulatory Centers of Excellence (ACE) designation with our nationally recognized and accredited advanced total joint and spine certification. This allows them to:

  • Attract the highest quality joint surgeons and spine surgeons
  • Get access to national and regional prospective bundle contracts
  • Participate in our robust steerage programs
  • Deliver superior clinical outcomes
  • Develop incremental income streams that yield wealth creation

Manage your risk

We negotiate risk-based contracts with payors and employers, and then we assume and effectively manage that risk.

Reinsure your risk

We credential facilities through our nationally recognized Ambulatory Centers of Excellence (ACE)TM designation and procedure certification so that we can reinsure the risk.

Grow your revenue

Using our proprietary technology and data-driven processes, we maximize your resources and grow your revenue by transitioning to value-based care.

Deliver improved clinical outcomes

Our program includes the processes and systems needed to deliver high-value, low-cost surgical care with improved clinical outcomes.