ValueHealth Expands Access to High-Quality Surgical Care for Local 22 Philadelphia Firefighters & Paramedics Health Plan

Dec 15, 2022

ValueHealth® LLC, the nationally recognized leader in value-based surgical care, today announced its health benefits program is available to members of the Local 22 Philadelphia Firefighters and Paramedics Health Plan. The program connects members to ValueHealth’s network of top-rated regional providers and ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs) for elective orthopedic surgical care, including Muve® Orthopedic locations in the greater Philadelphia area.

ValueHealth offers its health benefits program to self-insured employers and health plan sponsors to reduce surgical spend while improving outcomes and experiences for members. The value-based program manages the complete care journey for members who have orthopedic surgery by providing end-to-end care navigation from a program concierge. In addition, members receive personalized digital communications and tools that increase engagement, guide informed care decisions and provide valuable analytics to the plan.

“Our health benefits program delivers an unprecedented member experience and brings predictability to employer surgical spend,” says ValueHealth CEO and President Don Bisbee. “By interacting with members proactively, we take the guesswork out of care decisions and simplify the connection to high-quality providers who are aligned with the health plan. This consumer-centric approach produces predictable cost savings for the Local 22 Health Plan and improves the overall care experience for members from program enrollment to recovery.”

Eligible program procedures, such as knee, hip and shoulder replacement surgeries, are available under bundled payment arrangements with a warranty at Muve Orthopedic locations, which maintain industry-leading patient satisfaction and quality ratings. This value-based payment model results in more predictable pricing with a lower average cost per procedure compared to a traditional fee-for-service model.

“Local 22 Health Plan takes great pride in bringing our members the most innovative and in-demand specialty benefits,” says Local 22 Philadelphia Firefighters and Paramedics Health Plan Administrator Ismael Torres. “We recognized the immediate value of ValueHealth’s health benefits program through the high level of engagement and positive response from our members. Through program survey results, a significant number of members communicated a need for orthopedic care, to which they can now easily coordinate through a concierge. This program proves that it’s possible to reduce plan costs while supplying our members with the highest quality service and care.”

About ValueHealth
ValueHealth is leading the country in healthcare’s transformation to value-based care, with data-driven protocols that are rapidly positioning its innovative approach as the gold standard for the industry. This data-driven healthcare services company offers a digital surgical platform designed to accelerate the transition from fee-for-service to a value-based surgical care and consumer-centric model while positioning its provider partners to flourish in an emerging risk environment. Headquartered in Kansas City, Mo., ValueHealth’s nationally recognized hyperspecialty surgical programs and services are leading the transition to value-based care. For more information, visit

About Local 22 Philadelphia Firefighters and Paramedics Health Plan
The Health Plan provides programs to assist our members in obtaining the highest quality care available during their times of need. Local 22’s Health Plan has worked on developing programs to keep our members healthy, guide our members in establishing healthy lifestyles and work on getting in shape both mentally and physically. We have partnered with Blue Cross, Aetna, VBA, Benecard, Guardian Nurses, Mental Health Consultants, MD LIVE and Philly Fire’s Motivated Fitness to supply our members with the care and services they need and deserve.