ValueHealth and University Hospitals Expand Partnership to Develop New Surgery Center in Medina, Ohio

Apr 27, 2021

ValueHealth, LLC, the nationally recognized leader in Ambulatory Centers of Excellence (ACE)™, today announced the development of a multi-specialty ACE™ surgery center in Medina, Ohio. The Medina facility is the latest development from the ValueHealth and University Hospitals (UH) joint venture partnership. This partnership will connect UH to ValueHealth’s national ACE™ program which will increase access to affordable, high quality surgical care to the residents of Northeast Ohio.

Located 33 miles south of Cleveland and 23 miles west of Akron, the Medina facility will be a new facility that utilizes ValueHealth’s hyperspecialty total joint program, Muve, which includes a proven recovery model to reduce risk for patient readmission and post-operative complications (<2%). The facility will also provide cardiology, pain management, and ear/nose/throat (ENT) procedures.

The new Medina surgery center will be designated through ValueHealth’s nationally recognized Ambulatory Centers of Excellence (ACE)™ program with an Advanced Total Joint Certification, which exceeds national accrediting standards and meets ValueHealth’s stricter clinical, quality, and financial measures.

Designed to meet the demands of the employers and payors in the market, the Medina ASC will allow patients whose surgical needs are appropriate for an ambulatory setting to receive treatment within the UH network without the need for travel.

“We are very excited about the relationships ValueHealth will be bringing to our patients and communities,” says Eric Beck, DO, MPH, University Hospitals Chief Operating Officer. “University Hospitals is committed to delivering the highest quality healthcare and superior clinical outcomes. ValueHealth’s hyperspecialized, purpose-built model will optimize how we deliver care and improve value to the local communities.”

In addition to ValueHealth and UH, the Medina ASC’s ownership will include a growing group of local physicians. “Physician alignment is a core tenet of our business model,” says ValueHealth CEO, Don Bisbee. “We expect to complete physician syndication by the end of May, and we know that the Medina ASC presents a great opportunity for physicians who want to deliver high-quality care in a setting that’s optimized for both patients and providers while also remaining within their community.”