ValueHealth and Z Urology Partner to Advance Robotic Surgical Care in South Florida

Oct 21, 2021

ValueHealth® LLC, the nationally recognized leader in Ambulatory Centers of Excellence (ACE)™, today announced a strategic partnership with physicians from Florida-based Z Urology to develop a specialty ambulatory surgery center – South Florida Robotic Surgery. This partnership will use ValueHealth’s industry-leading digital surgical platform to accelerate the transition to value-based surgical care in the Florida marketplace.

Located in Pompano Beach, Fla., South Florida Robotic Surgery will be designated through ValueHealth’s Ambulatory Centers of Excellence (ACE) program with certification in robotic prostatectomy procedures. The 5,700 square-foot center will have two operating rooms dedicated to surgical procedures in general urology and robotic urology, with the opportunity to expand to additional service lines.

South Florida Robotic Surgery will feature four ValueHealth Stay Suites™ to accommodate higher acuity procedures that require overnight recovery. Stay Suites use a proven recovery model with personalized Nurse Navigators to reduce the risk for patient readmission and post-operative complications. This specialized recovery approach leads to superior clinical outcomes and consumer cost savings.

In addition, the new center will feature state-of-the-art clinical tools and devices including an Intuitive daVinci® robotic surgery system, a robot-assisted surgical system for complex minimally invasive surgical procedures. Controlled by specially trained surgeons, robot-assisted surgeries can shorten recovery time and minimize the risk of complications for patients.

“Urologic surgery has advanced at an incredible pace over the past decade,” says ValueHealth CEO, Don Bisbee. “Partnering with this forward-thinking group of physicians will continue to accelerate this momentum by driving evidence-based clinical and operational innovations to improve safety, quality, affordability and outcomes in an outpatient setting.”

Urology specialist Dr. Michael Zahalsky is the lead physician of South Florida Robotic Surgery as part of a growing group of local physician partners. Founder of Z Urology, a leading urology practice in South Florida, Dr. Zahalsky is a Diplomate of the American Board of Urology and the first physician to ever perform a robotic surgery in urology in Broward County, Fla.

“My physician colleagues and I have shared a long-time vision of developing an outpatient surgery center that focuses on performing higher acuity urologic operations under a value-based arrangement,” says Dr. Zahalsky. “We knew ValueHealth was the right partner based on their established track record in bringing value-based care to market. As clinical leaders in our community, our investment in South Florida Robotic Surgery will allow us to continue to provide the highest level of care and service to our patients.”