Healthcare Transformation

May 15, 2018

Dan Tasset is the Vice Chairman of NueHealth Holdings, the CEO of NueHealth Performance, and the Chairman of Nueterra Capital. His blog posts offer his experienced and innovative views on healthcare, healthcare reform, and related topics.

Most of my recent blog posts have been about healthcare reform and what needs to happen in order for real change to occur. It’s always good to see your ideas supported by the writings of other respected people. This recent article in The Wall Street Journal supports most if not all of my recent writings.

For example, paragraph four talks about consumerism. My blog post on April 24 talks about how to engage and empower consumers.

Paragraph seven in the WSJ article talks about competition among medical providers. My entire blog post on May 8th is dedicated to doing away with outdated regulations and how that will spur innovation and competition among providers.

Additionally, paragraphs eight and nine of this WSJ article talk about state certificate of need (“CON”) laws and how they are anti-competitive. My May 8th blog post states, “Archaic state Certificate-of-need laws impede competition and raise prices…..state CON laws result in lower value and higher costs to the consumer.”

Finally, the last sentence in this WSJ article states, “Free markets have the ability to make health care more affordable – if only government will let them.” My April 10th blog post says, “It’s time for government to step back and enable innovation and competition to produce a system for the future. The result will be affordable healthcare for all Americans.”

This isn’t that complicated. It’s time for all influencers in healthcare to do the right thing. Payors, insurance companies, employers, providers, hospitals and our federal and state government all need to do what everyone knows needs to be done.