Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

Jun 12, 2018

Dan Tasset is the Vice Chairman of ValueHealth and the Chairman of Nueterra Capital. His blog posts offer his experienced and innovative views on healthcare, healthcare reform, and related topics.

It seems like every day, we are hearing new allegations of sexual harassment in the workplace somewhere in this country. I thought I would deviate from my usual blog topic of healthcare and share my thoughts about this very important subject.

During a recent podcast I talked about the importance of living and working with purpose. And I’ll probably be blogging on that topic in the near future as well. During that podcast I mentioned the purpose of several of our organizations as well as my personal purpose. The common thread in all those purpose statements is the commitment to helping people. Helping people “do more and be more.” Helping all company stakeholders “enrich their existence”.

Because of our strong belief in purpose we take sexual harassment very seriously as an employer and have recently re-educated our leaders of their responsibility around our commitment to ensuring a workplace free of harassment by 1) reviewing the definition of both types of sexual harassment: Quid Pro Quo and Hostile Work Environment, 2) leaders’ roles with regard to duty to act, what to look for, modeling appropriate workplace behavior at all times while at work and while representing the company, 3) reporting a concern – how, to whom, and when (immediately), and 4) consequences of failure for offenders, and for our company. We’re communicated this in many formats in recent months – newsletter, face to face meetings, New Hire Orientation and through leadership calls.

I personally find news reports of sexual harassment disgusting and despicable. In July, we will be delivering our annual training to all employees, and incorporate recent events that have dominated national news headlines. We have been, and will continue to be, fully committed to a workplace free of harassment. #NOTus