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Deliver unparalleled service to employers with easy-to-use financial management tools, plan overviews and communications platforms. Plus, ask about our industry-leading value-based administrative services, helping your clients effectively and efficiently transition to value-based plans without having to change processes.

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Simplify healthcare and maximize benefits

Utilize your health benefits to their fullest with zConnect, our highly rated, personalized and secure app.

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What do I need to obtain a quote?

  • Group Demographics (Name, Address, Nature of Business/SIC code)
  • Census (Including Date of Birth, Gender, Type of Coverage and Zip Code)
  • Schedule of Current Benefits
  • 2-3 Years of Monthly Paid Claims and Enrollment (if available)
  • Current and Renewal Rates
  • 2-3 Years of Large Claims Report (if available)
  • If currently self-funded:
    • Specific Deductible
    • Contract Type
    • PPO Network