Bundle Solve™

Value-Based Benefit Administration


While value-based care and payments are designed to create healthier populations through better care and smarter spending, getting there can seem challenging. We have the solution.

Bundle Solve™ from Benefit Administrators is an advanced payment model specially designed to enable value-based benefit administration to be more efficient and effective. We built Bundle Solve to do just what the name says – bring innovative solutions to payment bundles with little to no capital investment. Our customized process addresses the unique needs of every customer and contract. What can we do for you?

No need to change any daily processes or operations. Enjoy the benefits of value-based payments, including healthier populations and smarter spending with minimal to no capital investment.


Our industry-leading value-based administrative services have opened new doors for payors whose systems are otherwise not built to automate or scale bundles, and for providers and self-funded companies where doing the work themselves would be difficult and costly. We’ve developed the unique ability to sit between the provider and the payor.

  • Utilize existing systems to administer value-based payments
  • Automate claims processing, payment administration and distribution
  • Seamlessly maneuver and scale complex value-based payments
  • Ensure timely and accurate payments to providers
  • Administer provider incentive criteria tied to value-based payment models
  • Provide front-to-back clinical and claims reconciliation


Experience building value-based payment models.


Benefit Administrators is part of ValueHealth, a tech-enabled company that is driving change in payment reform as part of its mission to move healthcare forward. We know value-based payment models will depend largely on technology for success, so we developed a custom software solution surrounded with tried and true processes, which enhances our ability to administer value-based payments.

Technology-driven features and capabilities include:

  • Load, track and manage value-based payment contracts
  • Load provider agreements and payment models
  • Reconcile clinical and claims datas
  • Implement quality metrics payment administration and distribution
  • Manage auditing, reconciliation and reporting