Self-Funded Plan

Benefit Administration Experts


Founded in 1995, Benefit Administrators is one of the nation's leading third-party health plan administrators. We work with self-insured companies of all sizes – from 25 to tens of thousands – as well as associations plans and state and federal high-risk pools. Our custom plans are designed for flexibility, transparency and cost savings. Whether you're fully insured or self-funded as part of an ASO arrangement, let us help give you greater control over your spending and benefits.

  • Keep financial control of your money without prepaying for claims or overspend on premiums
  • See full transparency of your money and how it’s used
  • Lower fixed costs clearly defined maximum exposure, minimal administrative costs
  • Design coverage tailored to you rather than one that favors big insurance
  • Build a customized network with vendors and providers of your choice
  • Right-sized plans can be written for groups of any size

Is self-funded or partially self-funded insurance right for you?


When you choose to create a custom, partially self-funded benefit plan, you gain the considerable advantages of affordability, flexibility and reporting, all while providing comprehensive healthcare coverage. Let our team review your claims history and identify the key needs presented by your workforce, and then we can build a plan that puts you in control.

Consumer-Driven Plans

Includes high deductible plans and health savings accounts that promote employee responsibility and engagement.

Level-Funded Plans

A simple bridge to self-funding with an aggregate-only product offering the benefits of traditional self-insuring.

Custom Network Design

Precise coverage for targeted pain points by facilitating direct contracts between employers and providers.

Gap Plans

Enjoy premium savings that come with a high-deductible plan while still offering your employees a lower deductible.

Flex Spending Accounts

Administering Flex Savings Accounts or Cafeteria Plans for employees receiving tax benefits from Section 125 Plans.