NueHealth Acquires Blue Chip Partners Expands Opportunity to Connect Providers to Consumers Through Clinically Integrated Networks

Mar 2, 2016


Leawood, Kan. (Mar. 02, 2016)—To advance its efforts in delivering quality, value-based care for consumers, NueHealth, a privately owned U.S. company that connects providers to consumers through clinically integrated provider networks, has announced its acquisition of Blue Chip Partners, an 11-year-old company focused on developing, managing and optimizing ambulatory surgical centers (ASCs). The acquisition process began early in 2015 and was finalized in January 2016, with NueHealth assuming full ownership of Blue Chip Partners and 11 of its ASCs.

“Patients today are shopping for quality care< rooted in value,” said Dan Tasset, CEO and chairman, NueHealth, and chairman of Nueterra Capital, NueHealth’s private equity owner. “Many consumers have accepted the challenge to explore their own healthcare options and we’re helping them do so intelligently, as well-informed healthcare consumers.”

According to Tasset, the facilities acquired from Blue Chip, most of which focus on the orthopedic and spine verticals, are a perfect fit within NueHealth’s overall strategy. “Adding these facilities is simply one more route to expansion and ensuring we deliver transparent care wherever our consumers are.”

NueHealth’s acquisition of Blue Chip Partners proves beneficial to both entities. To continue delivering a new means of transparent quality care to healthcare consumers, NueHealth is facilitating multiple growth opportunities for its clinically integrated provider networks; earlier this year they announced the launch of NueHealth Greater Philadelphia, a multi-specialty quality network serving the Delaware Valley area. The addition of 11 facilities, with locations that range from Southern California and Nebraska to Northern Maryland and Florida, will enhance the quality and offerings of these networks across the country.

“Both NueHealth and the founders of Blue Chip are excited about this acquisition,” said Jeff Leland, who focuses on employer and payor relations and is the executive vice president of business development, NueHealth. “We’re going to leverage our innovative programs and services to help these acquired facilities remain sustainable during the transition to pay-for-value, lower costs for the benefit of patients and take full advantage of clinical integration with our networks.”

The overall goal of NueHealth is to put healthcare in the consumer’s hands, and its clinically integrated provider networks are setting them apart, paving the way for simple, streamlined and affordable care that is accessible to employers, payors and patients alike. Tasset noted that the addition of these 11 facilities will raise quality within the networks and fill a core service niche, while the facilities themselves will be able to improve their own quality standards with the implementation of targeted NueHealth programs and technologies.

“The facilities we’re absorbing are relatively early in their lifecycle, which makes them adaptable,” said Tasset. “We’re going to help them stay ahead in an evolving healthcare market by equipping them to be fully transparent with quality and costs data, so they in turn can continue to deliver high-quality consumer care that’s simple, accessible, affordable and easy to understand.”

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About NueHealth
NueHealth is building a nationwide system of clinically integrated provider networks that puts healthcare into the hands of consumers. With a quality network of purpose-driven surgical centers and hospitals, NueHealth connects providers directly to consumers and aids them in delivering value-based payment options and improved outcomes. To deliver this improved value, NueHealth leverages proprietary technologies, online platforms, bundled payments and targeted programs and services. NueHealth gives providers and payors the tools and resources to stay ahead of healthcare’s continued evolution, while giving employers, insurance companies and patients access to a simplified model and affordable, high-quality, streamlined care.

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